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New Series Launching in July

My newest and latest series will be released 1 July 2022 - THE KINGS OF COMMISSION SERIES

ajwyatt A.J. Wyatt Kings of Commission Series
Logo of Newest Series

This series will be in the same world as the first series, featuring a lot of the same characters...but this time each book will focus on each of the Dons on the Commission.

We'll be starting off with Christiano Lucchese, in King of Fire. He has to marry a girl who is significantly younger than him, someone he's never met, in order to gain his position on the Commission.

I will be revealing the cover within this week - and I can't wait to hear what you think.! This series is going to be new, exciting and filled with all the Mafia Goodies you've come to love and need.!

My ARC sign-ups are now open for King of Fire - so make sure to visit my website (Join the Team) to be a part of the ARC and Street Team.!

ajwyatt A.J. Wyatt King of Fire
ARC Sign-up


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