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King of Fire: COVER REVEAL

Fire can forge or ruin. What will it be?


I’m willing to do whatever it takes to keep my power over my territory, even if it means binding myself to Arielle Morelli—a nineteen-year-old woman I’ve never met. In our world, it’s a means to an end. Even if she somehow catches me off guard, and makes me care more than I should, more than I thought I would, it shouldn’t matter. There is no place for love and devotion in the Mafia.

So why would that change now?


I was brought up to fulfill my duty. As a woman in the Mafia, as a daughter and now as a wife. But when my duty as a daughter interferes with my duty as a wife, there will be grave consequences. Christiano is a powerful man with a ruthless reputation. None survive his wrath, man or woman. The fire-breathing beast stirring beneath his skin is ever present, and the more I get to know him, the more I want to drown in his flames.

Head over to my ARC Sign-up tab - the ARC sign-ups are still open.!

You can also pre-order King of Fire to make sure it's waiting in your Kindle Library as soon as it's released.!


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