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CoverReveal: Bound by Survival Part One


Bound by Survival: Release Date 7 October 2022

Pre-Order Link:


I am not a good man. I've never been one and never claimed to be one. Being the Underboss to the Godfather gives me the freedom to wreak havoc in the Underworld, to release my demons on those deserving. Although, since the first night I spent with Liz Devereaux, I've been struggling to control them. Because as much as I want her, I also want to hurt her. She's reluctant to accept what exists between us, but I can see the same darkness inside of her. Like calls to like. And I will have her.


I belong to no man. I've made a point of not being controlled by any man, their money or their wants. I want freedom. But ever since I've met Killian de Luca, freedom seems to be evading me more and more. The moment I allowed him to cross my threshold a second time, all was lost. Something inside him sets me alight, makes me feel alive. But I can't give in, because if I do, I will never be free. I will belong to him forever.


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